P1030095 (Large)I like to look nice even though I live in a van. I try to get a haircut and highlights on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be a pain to find a good salon when I’m travelling.

I usually find salons by looking for five star reviews on yelp or google. I thought this would be a foolproof way to get decent results. Not so. I got burned big time by this recently. I don’t want to name the salon on my blog because that’s mean. The stylist tried her best but my hair looked terrible when I left the salon. She styled my hair in a dark corner so I didn’t even see it until I was outside. Later, I called to complain and they had me come in the next morning to get it fixed. The same stylist worked on me and I looked even worse. I didn’t go back a third time.

Have you ever had your hair ruined? Well, how about after spending over $100 on it? Yeah, then it hurts even more.

P1030110 (Large)I am fed up with random salons. My regular stylist in Boise is skilled and does a great job. Other stylists I meet out on the road are a mixed bag. A lot of them seem to not be listening. I always ask for the same thing yet wind up with very different results. The results are great only about half the time. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

I’m not ready to give up. I want bright, beautiful, freshly cut hair. I just do. I’m sure this is some sick result of my societal conditioning regarding women and beauty but it’s hard to set it aside.

I went to my regular stylist in Boise and asked if she would teach Brian how to highlight my hair. Luckily, she said yes! Brian took a short video and my stylist gave him detailed instructions on how to apply foils and carefully brush the thick, white paste on small sections of hair. She also gave us a bit of leftover dye and showed us how to mix it.

P1030120 (Large)Allowing my husband to dye my hair would be a trust building exercise. Brian was enthusiastic about trying. He’s seen how disappointed I have been after some of my salon visits. I was optimistic he could do as good a job as most salons. I promised not to be upset if it didn’t turn out well.

We mixed up some dye in the van one afternoon. Brian brushed it on one thin layer of hair. We waited in suspense for 20 minutes and then washed it. It looked great! Using the right color and applying it sparingly is just as important as a cosmetology degree, apparently.

Then the big day came when Brian would use up the rest of the product to add more highlights to my hair. The test strip had come out well so we felt like we could proceed with the bigger job. He highlighted the top layers of my hair while we sat in the van. We parked in front of the hostel in Crested Butte, Colorado for this task. They had showers there so I could wash my hair afterward.

It was fast, easy and I didn’t need an appointment. My hair turned out great! I am so happy with it. By closely following instructions and using the right product we were able to get great results.

I think we are onto something here! I am excited to forgo salon visits for awhile. Whenever I visit Boise I’ll see my fantastic stylist, but for regular touch-ups the van is my salon!

Lisa Hackett

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Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a tall, blonde superhero and I live in a van. I do it all. I rappel big waterfalls, drive from Idaho to Alaska solo, live and work in a van in the wilderness and dodge encounters with wolves and bears. Seriously. More

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  1. Erin says:

    Good job, Brian!!! 🙂

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a tall, blonde superhero and I live in a van and on a sailboat with my superhero husband, Brian. I do it all. I rappel big waterfalls, scuba dive with sharks, dodge encounters with bears and wolves, and work remotely as a full time computer programmer.
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